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The Re-birth of Samurai Punk

samurai punk-web-art-graphic tee shirt design by humans

Meet Samurai, the military nobility of pre-industrial Japan, the one that described themselves as followers of “The Way of the Warrior” in the 10th century, while the path of the warrior was one of honor, emphasizing duty to one’s master, and loyalty unto death.

But uniique (cannot find the real name of this artist!) combines this ancient culture with punk culture which emerged in the mid-1970s. Giving paradoxical illustration, because the message of punk is counter-cultural, rebellious, and politically outspoken. Punk was a message to society that all was not well and all were not equal; giving a re-birth to what we’ll call as Samurai Punk.

Over here if you want to see Samurai Punk on printed tee.




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