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This is a job for…. FAILED Superman

Clark Kent, he’s quickly going into this phone booth and off with these clothes… “THIS IS A JOB FOOOOR…!!”

Uhm, Superman, before you zooms off, please make sure that you are still in Clark Kent appearance otherwise it can be superFAILED as you see on this hilarious, retro-comics design tee. Oh, don’t worry for you guys, Kerry Callen makes a superwoman version also.

Now, a little bit about Kerry Callen, the cartoonist behind the whimsical comic book Halo and Sprocket.

Callen is currently working in the licensing department at Hallmark Cards, adapting the drawings of America’s most popular cartoonists into greeting cards. Apart from his full time job, he creates Halo and Sprocket, one of the most charming and funny comic books you’ll find. Kerry has submitted a few design to Threadless tee shirt design competition but this failed-superman is the only one who win to date.




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