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Threadless Loves Toy Story

It started in 1988, John Lasseter – co-founder of Pixar and former Walt Disney animator – and Pixar wrote, produced and directed a short film called Tin Toy.

This was the fourth Pixar film to be made using only computer animation and it won the 1988 Academy Award for Animated Short Film. In the 90s, Disney approached John Lasseter to create a sequel to Tin Toy, a Christmas special. Pixar, thinking 6 minutes wasn’t enough, asked Disney if they could make it 30 minutes. When President of Walt Disney Studios Peter Schneider heard about this, he suggested they make it full-length instead. Many of the employees at Pixar were surprised. And kids, that was the story how Toy Story was made.

It’s been 17 years since Disney-Pixar introduce us to Toy Story, the very first feature-length computer animated film, refilling our childhood with imagination and pride to our toy, and make us hope, when we look back to those days, in the corner of our eye, we may even catch a glimpse of one of our toys moving. So remember those days and join Threadless T-shirt challenge, creating a T-shirt inspired by Disney·Pixar’s Toy Story. Submission only from September 17 – October 9, 2012.

These are some of my favorite entries so far, tough I hope there are more better entries before its closing.




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