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12 Gangnam Style-inspired Tee Shirts

‘Gangnam Style’ by Korean hip-hop artist with six albums, Psy, has had more than 333m views in two months and became the most “liked” video on YouTube. Rapper Psy became the first South Korean musician to reach No 1 in the UK. 

For those who are not familiar with K-pop: PSY is South Korean hip hop artist Park Jae Sang, who is known for being a bit of a slapstick character because he doesn’t fit the standard K-pop idol image (being incredibly young, good-looking, and able to carry a melodramatic note.) — since he can’t possibly compete with this generation, PSY revels in making the most impenitent, shameless parodies of K-pop music video conventions such as courting a sweet girl with smooth moves, laughable choreography, and showing off luxury items.

And here’s my 12 favorite gangnam style tee shirts ever seen:


Do you like what you see?  You can actually click on the image!

“Gangnam Style” is a Korean neologism mainly associated with upscale fashion and lavish lifestyle associated with trendsetters in Seoul’s Gangnam district, which is considered the most affluent part of the metropolitan area. But people who are actually from Gangnam never proclaim that they are — it’s only the posers and wannabes that put on these airs and say that they are “Gangnam Style” — so this song is actually poking fun at those kinds of people who are trying so hard to be something that they’re not.
On September 20, 2012, “Gangnam Style” was recognized by Guinness World Records as the most “liked” video in YouTube history and Psy promised to perform “Gangnam Style” in front of Seoul City Hall topless when it reaches No. 1 on the Billboard chart.

Bonus, Gangnam Style video parodies!




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