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1950-1960s American Pop-culture in D. Vicente’s View

David Vicente was born in 1968 in Southern France. This guy got a cool realistic vector style, but he also works mainly with the psychobilly aesthetic. He began his career by drawing monsters and other characters that were all rebels in their way with epic amount of details.

David Vicente’s illustrations are representation of American pop-culture from the 50’s and 60’s. B movies, pinball machines, Satan, Betty Boop, Johnny Cash, even sex and violence with scornful and flashy style. He takes us for a ride in a death proof car, pedal to the metal, with guitar riffs blasting on the radio and a gun in the glove box, travelling through decades from the 50’s into the 80’s. Believe me, you will get an eyeful of beautiful and strong women, or grimy men that gamble.

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