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Audrey Hepburn as Zombie at Tiffany’s

Really, does anything else in any way shape or form mix style, class, and the undead as this iconic image? It’s a great repurposing of the iconic Audrey Hepburn image from Breakfast at Tiffany’s into something suitably gruesome.

Holly Golightly: Thursday! It can’t be! It’s too gruesome!
Paul Varjak: What’s so gruesome about Thursday?
Holly Golightly: Nothing, except I can never remember when it’s coming up.

I’m surprisingly impressed by how well this looks at what Ms. Hepburn will look like when the dead return to roam the earth during the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. The guy’s tee is good, but it looks great on a woman too, you can see it on a female model below.




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