It’s Avenger Time!

What time is it? It’s AVENGER TIME on a shirt! With Jake the dog and Finn the human, we’ll go to very distant lands and the fun will never end. If the Avengers are Earth’s mightiest heroes, and Adventure Time‘s Jake and Finn are the bravest adventurers of the post-apocalypse, what happens when they meet face to face?

This shirt reminds me of Cartoon Network’s Mad animated show, the Avengers travel through their cartoon history until they’re suddenly thrust into the surreal Land of Ooo. And here it goes, AVENGER TIME in action and tee shirt in dude’s version:

Avenger Time tee shirt busted tees adventure




2 comments on “It’s Avenger Time!”

  1. says:

    We’ve seen a whole slew of Avengers merchandise, and none of it really impresses me. I loved the movie. Either I am getting too old, or George Lucas ruined all of this for me with the over promotion of Episode one.

    1. Rangga says:

      that’s really a tough problem of yours. Seriously tough, there are really so many the Avengers T-shirt

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