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Casting Shadows by Doctor Facilier

Threadless T-shirt Doctor Facilier: :Casting Shadows by Bert Segunial

This was an illustration of Doctor Facilier: Casting Shadows by Bert Segunial a.k.a b3ef, an illustrator from Philippines which lived in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Doctor Facilier, a.k.a the Shadow Man, is the main villain in The Princess and the Frog and he personifies the Deadly Sin of Greed and Gluttony, for his desire for money and power. Facilier is a smooth-talker of drama and showmanship, and a glutton for power. Facilier controlling and vindictive, doing whatever he can to get what he wants. Facilier’s shadow acts as a familiar and is capable of moving on its own, being able to separate itself from him for a short while as well as changing its shape and size. 

b3ef’s Casting Shadow isn’t the only superb tee shirt design that employs “shadows” as mysterious mythical creatures — in the past, there are: Perfect Timing by Niel QuisabaLonely Wolf by Sean Anton HusbandsWolf’s Night Off by Florent Bodart, Gray Destiny by RL76


Anyway, Facilier is accompanied by his sidekick shadow that actually has a life and personality of its own, being able to move of its own free will and move objects like the voodoo shadow spirits. Furthermore, his shadow can affect other things through their own shadows. When not serving Facilier, the shadow demons hide in other shadows until Faciler calls for their aid again.




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