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Dont Be Afraid. Seek the True Horror

Presented to you by Don’t be Afraid Horror, a clothing line based on Ghost Tales, Folklore, Cult and Horror Movies. Especially for any of you who seek for the true horror.

A long time ago, a neglected wife is abandoned and left to die. She is transformed into an onryo. With her white burial kimono, wild and unkempt long black hair and her white and indigo face, torments a local village until banished. Her husband remains unharmed but reaching the point of insane madness and suicide. 

Onryo is an evil Japanese ghost who is thought by many to have extreme supernatural powers over the living. And the most evil is which is that they are able to return to the physical world whenever they so desire. And this is to seek exacting evil vengeance upon those they despise and curse.

These terrifying horrid ghosts are often mostly female and will do everything from stealing men virility to causing him or his new love break up, or push them to the point to killing themselves. Onryo has strange evil act, they will directly openly punish them brutally for what they were caused in life by the living lover. And as the living lover falls into deep depression, fear, remorse and desperation as they believe they are so certainly due. Jealousy seems to be a driving force as well as the fact that some parents and friends who do not like the person their son or daughter is involved with.

These ghosts will go to many great lengths to seek out direct vengeance on those around this person. So often it is believed that by killing the living lover or not. The Onryo is notorious for setting up situations to have a new lover or the person’s family suffers great loss by murders, suicides or horrible disfiguring accidents.





  • Wong - 28/01/13 - Reply

    Nice Japan style horror yet funny t-shirt :D

    • Rangga - 29/01/13 - Reply

      yes, indeed :D

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