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From Damascus to “Live Now, Die Never”

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In 2009, business partners, the founder of Damascus, Nate Khouli and Josh Lyon, made the benighted decision with no experience or background, to unknowingly propel those head first into one of the most saturated and emulous markets in busines apparel. They expressed their creativity by designing T-shirts for their friends, family and people around San Diego.

They get their inspiration from everyday life; they focus on what is thrown in front of them that many others fail to see. Hip and urban phrases, like “live now, die never,” and “It’s nice to like,” or “rage harder,” song lyrics, and random pictures of women are just the beginning of how Damascus finds inspiration in an urban city with so much to offer.

Their line for the end of this year was all around 80s and video games. That’s why they made the Japanese letters that stand for “Live Now, Die Never.” They wanted their shirt to be a Sega Genesis start screen before the game begins. Most importantly, this line celebrates their primed accession to the Men’s Apparel industry.  


What sets them apart from other design companies, aside from their creative touch, is their ability to build, create, develop, and provide faster than anyone in t-shirt arena. And that you can initiate an idea or picture if you already have something in mind, and they will give it a fresh twist, and blow you out of the water. All of their shirts have sewn hem tags, custom size tags, and they used water base/discharge inks with plastisol accents, that stands out way better and doesn’t fade so people can notice you from far.

Aside from their hard work with their creative and business teams, they find time to give back to the community in various ways. With the support they get from everyone, they had made a conscious effort to share their success and offer support to organizations in: Cancer research, Rape/Abuse prevention, Drug/Alcohol prevention, since sometimes life is seems like video game, and we only live once. We should be spent doing whatever and however you please. Make an impact by wear cool shit, live now and die never.



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