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Halloween Goes Melancholy with Sax Solo

The last few years we have seen a butt-load of movies, books, and tv shows about mythical creatures of the night. Vampires kicked it off with things like Twilight movie and True Blood serials, but werewolves are FINALLY getting some recognition with shows like MTV’s Teen Wolf. Now, combine those scary-yet-sexy creatures with saxophone player, which are always on the hunt for the perfect reed which will fill them with the confidence to perform freely.

Wearing up this design is like stating to the world,

Under the full moon, I transforms into a demonic man-wolf with enormous speed and strength, as well as immunity to injury by virtually any source except inherited silver.

Since, there is no known cure, and the only spells capable of perfectly restraining them are similar to what one would need to contain an archangel. Strong, fast, hot, confidence. What else you need to feel like an alpha creature?



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