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Learn the Chemistry with Wirdou T-shirts

Chemistry is a subject that requires a lot of time and works, everybody knows that. When I was in school, I was a little worried about math and science even if a lot of people believe that chemistry is the most fun subject yet in reality I found it to be most difficult subject in school.

I used to feel like a greatest scientist, then mix lemonade mixes (citric acid) and baking soda in “just the right” amounts, suddenly I can make a fizzy mix! Don’t forget about optimizing soap and water to be soap bubble. Yay, who doesn’t like soap bubble! But not all teachers can teach chemistry in fun way, so unfortunately (or fortunately?) — I didn’t choose chemistry as my major.

Lucky me to found Wirdou, aka Pablo Bustos, a young T-shirt designer from Madrid, Spain — makes chemistry and the periodic table fun with these cute and clever chemical element characters (from Superman to the Avengers) — and even Freddie Mercury (for Threadless)!. It is a new and better way to learn chemistry for God sake! Now, how many chemical element-related designs is he able to make?





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