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Lord of the Rings Tee, Instant Halloween Costume

Some people accomplish stunning execution of engineering and creativity in the pursuit of an amazing Halloween T-shirt costume: cinema-grade fake armor, extra arms that actually move, that whole shower-curtain apparatus. Well, some just don’t need the hassle of some complex clothes but also don’t want people at the Halloween party making fun of them for not dressing in costume. 

Not only is this shirt is winner of Shirt.Woot Derby competition, but also, except for being amazing tribute to Lord of the Rings, this shirt provide an easy Halloween costume, one you can pull on in two seconds but that also gives you reasonable deniability against accusation of not being dressed up. So, who’s responsible for this tee?

Designed by Patrick Spens, one of the most prolific artists that each new design he creates has something unique in it. The simplicity with which he deals with various subjects is unmatched and the wit and deep thought which comes out of each of his designs always brings an “aha” when we see it.



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