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Marynn. Love Her (Works)

Bannière-Marynn tee shirt marynn OLOW artist

Marynn is an amazingly talented 21 old creative graphic design student at VCU, living in Nantes, France. Guided by her search for realism, her illustrative comings and goings are inspired by street style and fashion magazines with touch on the romantic side of traditional portraiture, hints of text work and appealing hues.

One of her artworks currently available at OLOW, take your time to check it out — or read the intervew

Anyway — she describes her world as frivolous, cynical, thoughtful world that can be recognize in her realism illustration. Her simple yet detailed style that using black and white pencil with subtle touch of colors giving an impression of fresh, realistic and expressive personality of her. She works on illustration, graphic design, magazine publishing, fashion illustration, textile prints.


And a little bit about clothing that brings the best of Marynn to its T-shirts:

OLOW™ is an artistic anomaly based on the fundamentals of reinterpretation, independence and “handmade”. Created in 2006 in Montreuil (France) by accomplished antiheroes and freethinking craftsmen, the brand distinguishes itself with its surrealistic, subversive and against-the-grain collections. The carefully chiseled brand has unburdened itself of all ideological or commercial barriers to offer a raw, authentic and high-quality product.



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