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Paint Your Own Universe

Daily struggles and even hurt the body, mind, constant exhaust.

No place to hide from such situations, not even a heaven on earth.

But then I realize — nobody deserve to live in fear . So, take your own brush then paint your own universe.

Just like a piece of art — choose your theme — and don’t be afraid leave your mark and follow your dream.

And don’t forget to enjoy the painting process, make sure it’s the best part.

Oh, a little bit messy means you learn something new along the way.

*I know it’s not often me being poetic, but I’m fine. Really*




  • - 09/10/12 - Reply

    how to print it?
    so impossible for me, DTG?or manually using screen?

    • Rangga - 09/10/12 - Reply

      haha not very sure about that, maybe you can ask :D

      • - 09/10/12 - Reply

        :D thanks… are these made by you?

        • Rangga - 09/10/12 - Reply

          nope, I’m just writing about it :P

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