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Samurai Tiger

Feel like bad ass, just put this beautifully elegant artwork in Samurai Tiger T-shirt and feel the power of a tiger in samurai armor with girl that’s showing her loyalty to you. 

Tattoos in Japan are often associated with the samurai as well as criminal class or what we already known as Yakuza. Yakuza tattoos are often associated with men but over time daughters, mistresses and wives showed their loyalty to their men or their men’s gang by getting tattoos. Not tiny cute ones either, we’re talking sleeves, we’re talking backs, or even the whole body.

A samurai would be tattooed as a way to identify his body on the battlefield if his armor and weapons were looted, and the tiger tattoo is synonymous with power and whilst there are no tigers native to the country, the Japanese were very familiar with tiger skins.

If you see a Japanese person with a tattoo today, they are either young, influenced by the West, or have some association with the yakuza, not that they’d brag about being in the yakuza, a secret society that’s glorified in almost all Japanese media, especially films and manga (comics). The yakuza were not the only Japanese citizens associated with tattoos. The Ainu, a Japanese, indigenous minority who lived around Hokkaido, and some parts of Russia, often tattooed their faces. But because of intermarriage and migration, estimates number the Ainu at around 200,000 people in Japan.



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