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The Attack of Bearzilla

Of all animals, bears is probably the one that most clearly resembles human beings in appearance. Even apes can stand upright only slouched over and with considerable difficulty. Bears, however, can walk and even run on two legs almost as well as a human.

The fur of a bear resembles clothing. Like a person, a bear looks straight ahead, but the expressions of bears are not easy for us to read. Often the wide eyes of a bear suggest perplexity, making it appear that the bear is a human being whose form has mysteriously been altered. Bears, however, are generally far larger and stronger than people, so they could easily be taken for giants.

Bears are intelligent and resourceful wild mammals that deserve our respect. But stories of ferocious attacks by blood-thirsty bears on defenseless hikers make great lead stories in the media. The overwhelming sense conveyed in these stories is that bears are dangerous, mean creatures that are an extreme threat to people in any circumstance. So does the attack of the Bearzilla (as initiated by artist Jose Sabenicio) and no airplanes will take him down! Be careful and save yourself!!



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