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The (New) Breed Girl, Gone Bad.

New Breed Girl is the tee shirts labels that want to make you smile instantly when you see their designs. Its mixture of cute monsters, Japanese inspired characters and graphic expressions fuses with social & street trends that remind you to enjoy life, see the glass half full, and always express yourself. It has a dash of London fashion sass, and the spirit of a Cali girl — no wonder if popular merch store like.

Like their motto “We take fun seriously!”, their designers, staff and team members live their life every day representing what a true New Breed Girl feels like. And the New Breed Girl brand is for the girl who expresses her individuality through music, art & subculture. They are also proud of their custom fits, since they adapt to the latest trends, whether it’s simply lowering the neck or shortening the shoulder, the slightest adjustment make all the difference. Tees are around for a very long time, and they make sure theirs are a top quality shirt that looks and feels good.

The clothing brand New Breed Girl is famed for their adorable designs that capture the hearts of every person who sees them, and also their shameful rip-off history. Yep, you read it right, their rip-off history. Around three or four years ago the New Breed Girl was accused by three designs that was a rip-off from other commercial designer, too bad, representative of New Breed Girl already stated that:

It is my poiicy (sic) to encourage freelancers to use the free Getty photo images as reference points & we also use sketches from the Japanese free clip art books, which have inanimate objects with cute faces & legs etc.

That’s how they try to make you smile — so hard. Are you still smiling?



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