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A Theory that Prove I’m Not a Nerd

I am proud to be a nerd (and I have proven that!) because I like science, little bit of math, studying computer books, writing chemistry diagrams and computer main board designs for my PC are my hobbies.

Science is just awesome and math is just so beautiful! And we all know knowledge is power to, ahem, make other people look stupid.

Ain’t joking — not true, really. We shall never stop learning, ever. We will constantly be confronted with hard problems that will cgfp.org/buy-celexa-online/ make us think, “I have no idea what I am doing.”

But with the toolkit we’ve fostered, we should be able to chip away at it until we’ve uncovered a satisfactory solution.

So if you can’t think logically and frame your task in terms of data structures, and functional transformations, you’re going to have a bad time. Let just think outside the quadrilateral parallelogram. Oops… my bad!

if you want this tee in less-nerdy color (such as red), you can have one.




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