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Twin Horizon

Twin Horizon is unique, inspiring, and striking creative collective house born from the minds of an independent group of designers and artists with members here in Shanghai.

Ivan Belcic (Shanghai) and Clem Balanoff (Buenos Aires) met in Trinity College in Hartford, CT, where their collaborations began. With their own line of hand-printed t-shirts coming, Twin Horizon has released their look book of their first line of shirts, featuring designs inspired by some charming local rock bands. 

The world of DIY culture and independent art exists to influence and create if nothing else. In Shanghai where we have no true mainstream industry of note, only fragments and advertising vultures, indie is the simply way.

Ivan and Clem have designed five hand-printed T-shirts inspired by some of Shanghai’s independent rock acts, inspired by and named after 5 independent bands that epitomize the Shanghai scene such as Rainbow Danger Club, Boys Climbing Ropes, Friend or Foe, Stegosaurus, and Moon Tyrant to keep you looking fresh forever. All the shirts will be hand printed at the Idle Beats studio. Because they’re hand-printed, there is no shirt that exactly the same. Each one’s an individual piece of art, so once they sell out, and you don’t get one, that will be it for this particular line.

They keep it special for the people who got the first release. And the greatest news for you is, to celebrate their website’s launch, they’re offering 10% discounts and free shipping on all orders through Halloween.



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