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Crowdfunding Your T-shirt and Campaign at Once

Huh? Why, you asked? Teespring is a site that helped you to crowdfunding your design. It’s clearly helping you out without spends a large money to buy printer and not much rivalry like Threadless or Design by Humans to get printed. 

Williams and co-founder Evan Stites-Clayton, recent Brown grads living in Providence, Rhode Island, started working on Teespring full-time in August 2011, launched their first campaign in January, and opened up into beta in late April. Teespring has proved popular with non-profits particularly, looking for other ways to raise money besides asking for donation, even including some larger organizations like Plan USA.

Start with choosing a t-shirt style, picking out colors, and playing around with design specifics like fonts. You can even upload your own art. You can also select the brand of tee or tank top that you want to create (ranging from Hanes to American Apparel). The whole process can take just a few minutes or longer depending on how difficult your design is. Then from there, you can set a price per shirt and decide how many customers you need in order to print your T-shirts.

Now, after your Teespring site has been created, it’s your job to get the word out about your new T-shirts. If you sell enough of these shirts at once, Teespring will then print your shirts. Anyone whose pay for your tee shirt will then receive the shirt you’ve designed, easy, right? You can set up a Teespring account right now and decide to try your luck at designing a t-shirt. Good luck!



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