It’s The Bazinga Formula, Dude.

Most people won’t get this shirt, but that’s okay, they aren’t the ones who matter! Bazinga is a catchy phrase to accompany your clever pranks as popularized by Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. “Bazinga” was first used by Sheldon during “The Big Bang Theory’s” season two episode, The Monopolar Expedition. 

Sheldon uses the term as a stinging barb meant to impress his “cleverness” to mocking others. Since he picked up the word bazinga after a night of Klingon boggle, there is possibility that “bazinga” comes from Klingon language. But hey, maybe Sheldon was only deepening his methods of self-entertainment.



5 comments on “It’s The Bazinga Formula, Dude.”

  1. Steve Armstrong says:

    It’s not exactly a formula now is it? It’s the Bazinga Element Table! The Formula is a different equation entirely.

      1. You’re not understanding me. I know those are real elements. What they are NOT is a “Formula”.

        1. Rangga says:

          aw… you’re right man!

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