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Like a Fabulous Nerd, a Genius with Style

Albert Einstein has earned the reputation as the most revolutionary and visionary scientist in modern history, perhaps of all time. And wearing this tee design will makes you looks like a fabulous nerd — a genius with style.

It took Einstein eight years after publishing his theory of special relativity to expand that into his theory of general relativity, in which he showed that gravity can affect space and time, a key to understanding basic forces of physics and natural phenomena, including the origin of the universe. 

His discoveries fundamentally changed what science could claim as knowledge about the physical laws of the universe, and the revelations that stem from his work have affected virtually every aspect of life in the human world.

First published in 1916, the general theory of relativity remains a pivotal breakthrough in modern physics. The display of 46 pages, each handwritten by the famed scientist and the mathematical formulas, marks the first time the complete, original manuscript of his landmark “General Theory of Relativity”.

In the manuscript, which helps explain everything from black holes to the Big Bang and contains the famous equation of E=MC², Einstein shows an increasing universe and shows how gravity can bend space and time.




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