Salt Versus Pepper on My T-shirt? Fight on!

If there’s Salt versus Pepper on the table, who do you think will win?

Well I know some people don’t really add salt to plated food, and only rarely when cooking. But I can tell salt when it’s on fries, popcorn and most of Indonesia and asian foods. 

But when food has a lot of black pepper, my plate gets confused. I know how it’s like having too much of something, but can’t identify whether it is too much salt, too much pepper, or both.

Many advices come for people wanting to reduce their salt intake is to use more black pepper, lemon, and other herbs/spices so I am wondering if black pepper fools everyone’s taste buds or if it’s my own peculiar defect.

In the end, it’s your call to pick the winner between Salt and Pepper. Fight on!



2 comments on “Salt Versus Pepper on My T-shirt? Fight on!”

  1. ao thun tron says:

    he he, it’s quite interesting

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