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There’s No Way to Run, Let’s Do Tshirt Fight!

There is a pretty innovative site coordinated by Joe Brawl and his brother, Tim. They bring us pretty fascinating competition. It’s called Tshirt Fight, they’ll be selling two tees every week. So far it just ordinary, but they put a bit of a twist, at the end of each week the shirt which has sold the most will roll over onto the next week and continue to be sold alongside a new challenger, and the winner of the sales ‘fight’ the next week gets to carry on and so on and so forth while the losing one is never to be seen again. 

So each Monday EST, a new challenger faces off against the previous week’s customer favorite. The designs are strong so competition could be really tight. Artists who print at Tshirt Fight earn $1 per shirt sold, receive a free tee, and retain full rights to their artwork. If you are a designer who likes a challenge, Tshirt Fight will be a fun place for you to create the best design to be printed the most. It is a pretty cool idea and one which I don’t think has been done before by a daily site.



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