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Having a Casino Party at Home

If we have to be completely honest about ourselves, then we have to admit that we love to gamble. And we don’t always mean gambling in gaming tables. Whether this involves betting in games that we play, or taking risks on

which steps to take in life, gambling is more of an everyday occurrence than we care to imagine. If you eat the chili in the cafeteria, will it hurt your tummy? 

You’re not sure, so you gamble on it; you take a risk by eating the chili, just so you’d know. Do you take the bus or the train to work today? Either way, it’s a gamble, so you pick one and stick with it. You cross your fingers and hope for the best. Just like every other “gamble” you take.
Of course, if we’re going to be literal about it and quit being philosophical, we’re really into gambling. The thrill, the hype of it all gives us a certain high. The strategy we employ and how it’ll affect the end result of a game keeps us on the edge of our seats. Although, the problem is, we can’t always afford to go to Vegas for a casino adventure. Much as we’d like to, the money is not always at hand. And because we’re the jeans and shirt type of people, The Bellagio won’t exactly welcome us with open arms. We are going to need some Ralph Lauren formal wear for that. Since we’re not ready to give up our T-shirt based fashion statements for some casino action, we have the most marvelous idea for you: let’s have ourselves an in-house casino party. Gather up the gang, and in defiance of the common custom of dressing elaborately for gaming, participants should wear their most stylish shirt which features a casino game. Make everyone bring their laptops, then simultaneously log on to [partycasino.com] for doses of slots, baccarat, or blackjack, and roulette. Try your best to earn tournament points, so you guys can face each other in the Slots tournament. Players with the most tournament points receive a part in the prize pool, much like a live game of slots. Who says we can’t have fun playing casino games while wearing our most comfortable shirts?

Now some of you might think that the casino lifestyle is too much, but you need not fret; partycasino.com also offers Bejeweled, Hat Trick, and Hidden Gems too. Have all the enjoyment you need with that. We’re betting this will be the best party of the year. But you know what will make your party more of a blast than it already is? Instead of placing money, we encourage everyone to place their shirts as bets instead. The biggest winner gets everyone’s shirts. Nothing could be more awesome than that.





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