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Skull Rose

There is something about Skull and Roses design. It’s like the “yin-yang” symbol. It shows beauty and ugliness, or a symbol of life and death. Another unique interpretation is in Christian art and culture, the skull has been seen as a symbol of eternity, repentance, and human vanity while rose is symbolize the survival of persecution.  With Supersoft 70% Bamboo & 30% Organic Cotton, this is a collaboration between HANTU and & illustrator Dol-Ali, a very awesome design indeed.




  • roydane - 11/03/13 - Reply

    I love the idea and the design of the shirt. It is like a tattoo design as well. I also recommend this to my friends who loves and wearing and collecting tee-shirts.This will be another add on to my Desperate Housedog T-shirt .

  • ray park - 18/03/13 - Reply

    A classy rocker design. Love it. Hope this goes in black shirt. Hmm. Gave me an idea how my next design would be. I’d love to buy this item.


    Irish Elements T-shirt

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