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Baby, you complete me..

Most couples meant to be together because of variety of reasons. One couple said because of the look, other said because of the fortune, but I guess many couple will use the term “you complete me” in order to show the affection between man and woman who need each other and willing to cover spouse’s weaknesses.

The “you complete me” phrase is hugely popular, mainly for being used as line in Jerry Maguire movie or recently as a song title, sung by Keyshia Cole. I feel like when a man tell this to his woman, it makes her heart melted because this phrase is so simple, pure, and beautiful.

This shirt design is no different. Pictured as donut with hole in the center and a piece of chunk which is able to close the hole. The concept is quite similar like nuts and bolts. When a person has weakness in one area, his/her couple will cover it for the spouse. So sweet, isn’t it?



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