Keep Calm And Do The Harlem Shake

What’s your favorite Harlem Shake video? Mine is the Harlem Shake FAIL by PewDiePie.

Not only because it’s totally fail-yet-awesomely hilarious, but also because I curious of nice tee guy’s wearing on the video. I don’t know where to get that hipster-baby tee, but I really want to have one.  That reminds me, perhaps, there should be a Harlem Shake edtion for all-wearing-tee shirt video. I mean, Harlem-shaking with the coolest tee shirt on earth. That would be awesome isn’t it? Meanwhile, I’ll just Keep Calm And Do The Harlem Shake like what this tee says




One comment on “Keep Calm And Do The Harlem Shake”

  1. kill the harlem shake and ‘keep calm’

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