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Keep Calm And Do The Harlem Shake

What’s your favorite Harlem Shake video? Mine is the Harlem Shake FAIL by PewDiePie.

Not only because it’s totally fail-yet-awesomely hilarious, but also because I curious of nice tee guy’s wearing on the video. I don’t know where to get that hipster-baby tee, but I really want to have one.  That reminds me, perhaps, there should be a Harlem Shake edtion for all-wearing-tee shirt video. I mean, Harlem-shaking with the coolest tee shirt on earth. That would be awesome isn’t it? Meanwhile, I’ll just Keep Calm And Do The Harlem Shake like what this tee says





  • Jared Thompson - 06/03/13 - Reply

    kill the harlem shake and ‘keep calm’

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