DIY t-shirt

When you get stuck with all your old t-shirts, and you want the new look, look at this chick: wearing the do-it-your-self-black-metallica-shirt with bun hairdo, this chick looks so cool all the way. This is the brilliant idea to make your old band shirt look definitely new, Look at the way she cuts off her shirt to make it look like a lil bit off shoulder shirt. That old Metallica shirt looks great right? Pair this cut off shirt with legging, boots, and the sexy smokey eye looks. Just wait until a guy singing you a song “I fell in love with the girl at the rock show”



One comment on “DIY t-shirt”

  1. jerrynoriss says:

    Everyone loves T-shirts. Get a jump on spring-cleaning by sifting through your old tees and turn them into cool, colorful yarn.

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