I love rock and roll

Grew up in a world that told girls couldn’t play rock and roll, but ended up being one of the most famous female rockers in the world? Joan Jett earned the standing ovation. If you say that Kesha, Nicky Minaj, or Taylor Swift is your idol, and you say that they’re rock. You need to check your ear, immediately. If you say that Joan Jett is Rock, I’ll buy you a drink. She’s just, you know, rock, and wild, and very talented, yet still look adorable, just like this t-shirt trying to explain. The pink & blue color, and the love sign? Very girl thingy, but Joan Jett’s face, eyes, doesn’t she looks so rock? Well, anyway, whenever you wear this I love Rock And Roll T-shirt with Joan Jett’s beauty face on it, you making her proud.



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