Macaulay Culkin loves Kiss!

90’s Generation must have known Maculay Culkin, famous at ten, a millionaire at 12, his  international fame rises with his lead role as Kevin McCallister in the blockbuster film Home Alone in 1990. Too bad last year shots of him, the looking tired, skinny to the point of skeletal, and bedraggled seemed to play into the popular image of the former child star as having been destroyed by the Hollywood machine. But I guess this picture of him was taken around 1995, where he is still 15, young and healthy and before his reputation went bad. Wearing KISS T-shirt and seemed to sum up certain things about glam rock of his life.



2 comments on “Macaulay Culkin loves Kiss!”

  1. melodi p says:

    no no no, actualyy here he is wayyy older than 15. at age 15 he still looked like a kid -but kinda weirdly- here he is almost 20. not younger than 19. i am a big fan of him, you can trust.

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