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Aled Lewis, Get Your Giggle On!

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Aled is a London-based illustrator who has been bringing the witty and the cute for awhile now via tees and prints. He is a life-long gamer, influenced and inspired by comics, film and television. And his drawing on graphic design, pop and geek culture is in prankish postmodernism and childlike, fantastical images. He’s been a household name on for a number of years, and his computer-game inspired artwork has been featured on the New York Times website, exhibited around the world and, of course, most recently used by Playstation. He is very creative, different, and just hilarious in the best kind of way. I really want to keep going on about this guy because his subtle but clever way of taking very ordinary landscape or city shots and turning them into perfect backdrops for his 8-bit characters has been making me giggle.

The only problem with the work of London-based designer and illustrator Aled Lewis is that I don’t have the room to highlight all of it. Well check out his website and get your giggle on!



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