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Bohemian chic

Coachella 1st weekend, it’s a wrap! And you had post concert syndrome because of Coachella last week? You’ll have another post concert syndrome this week, because Coachella will be held this weekend for the second time in less than a week. Coachella 1st weekend this year gave us a look of the hippie, bohemian style. Take a look at this chic, she has her own bohemian style, with yellow Indian t-shirt with headband, round glasses and boots, she’s ready to rock the Coachella party. You can make your own version of bohemian style. But remember to wear what makes you comfy, nothing feels better than the thing that feels comfy. I think t-shirt is the best.




  • Becca Beresford - 17/12/14 - Reply

    Where can I order this?

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