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Endangered Tapekey

  • tapekeyguy

From its creation in the 1960s through to its peak of popularity in the 1980s, the cassette has been a part of music culture for more than 50 years. But cassette albums have declined quite significantly since their peak in 1989 when they were selling 83 million units in the UK. I have a friend who teaches Junior High School and told her students she was going to bring in a cassette of a speech she wanted them to hear. Her students got blank stares. Most of them didn’t even know what a “cassette” was. The cassette’s reign now seems to be over, considering CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray and other innovative disk coming along. But if casette was part of your childhood, and you want people to remember it, you can wear this shirt, announcing people that casette tape, is a endangered species.



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