Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart

Happy 23rd birthday Kristen Stewart! Sorry for the late wish. Just 2 days late, don’t be sad. Promise me? *cross finger*

Talking about Kristen Stewart, why do we remember her birthday, that’s because we love her, (don’t mention her as Bella Swan, please), but Kristen Stewart is a good actress. Her other movies like Snow White and the Huntsman, The Runaways, Adventureland, and the latest one, On The Road. Great movie, She’s doing great on acting. And, what we like about Kristen Stewart is her tomboyish yet fashionable style, with her sexy eye, and messy rock hair. She’s a goddess. She often wears a casual look, like jeans, sneakers, and she loves wearing t-shirt too, even on the red carpet. Band t-shirt, Sheer t-shirt, fitted or loose. everything! So Kirsten, what do you want us to do? Buy you t-shirts. We don’t mind. We’ll do it for you. Happy Birthday!



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