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Venom wins strength, but Spiderman is smarter and is more agile. And brawn isn’t always better than brain, Venom is impervious to high sound and Spiderman can just call in black bolt and it’s over for Venom. In the streets of a large city in new york, Spiderman would find something to beat Venom with, but in an arena with no other things to help Spiderman, Venom winds no doubt beat his ass into the ground. But the Symbiote is still “in love” with Peter and so it won’t kill him. Venom and Spiderman are one in the same to an extent. One can’t exist without the other. So there is nothing cooler than the battle between Venom and Spidey! Don’t you agree?

*Inertia is the name of two separate, but related superheroes from the fictional Marvel Universe.



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