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Playing bingo: What to wear to attract Good Luck

Bingo is a game of chance. Some believe you need luck in order to have consecutive days of winning and some believe you need to be systematic in your approach in playing bingo. There is nothing wrong in putting your trust in luck while you play bingo games, whether online or not.

Whether you need good luck in order to play online games of Ukash bingo, or whether you prefer the more traditional bingo games in crowded halls, following these guidelines can maybe help attract the luck you need. 

Wear the right color.

Numbers are one of the major things that people consider when it comes to luck. There are many superstitious beliefs about numerology. Many believe that the connection of number and color gives one positive luck and charm. The use of the appropriate colors in the environment is significant for the harmony of your aura and the improvement of your abilities. Numbers are used to determine the right and lucky color for any person and it is determined by the date of your birth.

Every number has a one of a kind meaning and essence and they corresponds to a color giving it harmony and uniqueness. Particular colors can increase or decrease the level of stress, balance feelings and energies and much more. It is easy to calculate your lucky number by your birth date.

You simply add all the number in your birth date. For instance, if your birth date is April 25, 1975, add it in the following manner: 4+2+5+1+9+7+5. The result that you will get will be then added again. In the example, the result is 34 and then, you add 3+4. The final result here, of course, is seven. Here are the colors corresponding to each number:

  1. yellow
  2. blue
  3. purple
  4. red
  5. orange
  6. green
  7. white or pale grey
  8. light blue
  9. brown

Good Luck Designs

Every color has its own characteristic. You can search online for the meaning of the colors and it is possible that you have a strong affinity to a certain color. You can use that to choose the color of the shirt you will wear, the color of the case you will use for your mobile device and so on. Aside from numbers and colors, there are symbols that mean luck, especially in the Chinese traditions. You can use these symbols as designs for good luck on your shirt as you play bingo.

One of the most used symbols of Chinese character is Fu (?). This symbol means blessing and good fortune. Another one is the kanji symbol of luck . There are shirts with these symbols and some people who take extreme measures even tattoo these symbols to their body.

There is nothing wrong in trying to attract luck and you can try these methods when you play bingo! Who knows, you might attract good luck by wearing the right clothes with the right color and design.




  • Alana Jarrett - 13/12/13 - Reply

    Your advice is very useful. I’m gonna play bingo to tonight. Feeling very lucky

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