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The Adorable Dead Duran

How does it feel to be the Handsome Skull? Well you might wanna know. Meet the Dead Duran, the adorable skull. With the funky-messy-wavy hair, his hair blows nicely in the wind, this dude is like the-last-guy-on earth-that-you-have-to-ask-him-for-a date-before-he’s-gone-like-forever”. Kinda creepy, anyway. But I bet that you’ll be safe walking with this dude, girls. And for you guys, If you’re wearing this t-shirt in a midnight, girls around you might be scared. This is your chance, lay their head on your shoulder. Ask them for a drink, or two? or three? the time is yours!




  • yeptshirts - 07/04/13 - Reply

    This looks awesome man :)

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