Don’t Fall in Love with Rockstar

Do you still remember Blink 182 ever said “I fell in love with a girl at the rock show”. And when Tom Delonge or Mark Hoppus or Travis Baker said that to you, what would you do? It’s every woman’s dream, right? Yeah, Something that many of women mostly dream about is dating a rockstar. Dating a rockstar is much like dating any other person, but make sure you can easily go with screaming fans, camera flashes, playing hide and seek with paparazzi, doing the super-tight-schedules, and beyond-hectic-lifestyles.

Maybe that’s why H&M told you in this t-shirt that “don’t fall in love with a rockstar”. Because they know that it will be torturing you.



One comment on “Don’t Fall in Love with Rockstar”

  1. charisma says:

    Now still have at H&M???

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