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Learning to Crawl

If there had never been such a thing as Chrissie Hynde someone would certainly have needed to invent her: The Ohio born singer-songwriter and front-woman of the Pretenders. And when her band, the Pretenders, finally broke through in 1979, they wasted no time, growing from promising newcomers on the British music scene to major international stardom with a pair of smash albums to their credit in a mere three years.

But drug related misadventure claimed the life of guitarist James Honeyman-Scott and bassist Pete Farndon in April 1983. Understandably devastated, Hynde was forced by circumstance to reinvent the Pretenders for their third album, Learning to Crawl. The first side of Learning To Crawl brings a lot of Hynde’s major thematic preoccupations and brilliantly thread together the competing anxieties of professional ambition and integrity, with the demands of an industry that seemingly mandates recklessness as a work requirement. Three albums into her recording career, Chrissie Hynde found herself having to put the past to bed and carve out a new beginning for herself with Learning to Crawl.

Nastygal present this raw-cut sleeves tee for a mixture of courage, strength, and great rock & roll, the Pretenders’ finest work.



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