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When I see this design, I suddenly remembered a Greek mythology that tells us the beautiful princess Phyllis, a daughter of king Sithon, in Thrace, who fell in love with Theseus’ son, Demophon. He had ended up there while sailing home from Troy, and the king gave him part of his kingdom and married him to his daughter.

After some time Demophon missed Athens so much that he asked to go home for a while, Demophon promised her, by a certain day, to come back from Athens and marry her. Phyllis waited for years for him to return, but finally died hung herself of a broken heart in a tree at the spot they would have met.

The place was called Ennea Odoi, Nine Roads, since Phyllis had returned there nine times that day to see if Demophon had arrived. In sympathy, the gods transformed Phyllis into an almond tree, a leafless, flowerless tree which became a symbol of hope. When the errant, just at the moment when at length Demophon came, he devastated and in vain embraced the tree. The tree suddenly burst into bloom, a demonstration of love not conquered by death.



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