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Type 1 : Bright like a lion king

Bright like a lion king

  • LionKingTeeShirtForMen
  • LionKingTeeShirtForWomen

If Rihanna told us to shine bright like a diamond, design by humans told us to shine bright like a lion king. Yeah I agree, despite the fact that Lion is my zodiac icon (who the hell cares?) I choose to bright like a lion instead of bright like a diamond, oops sorry Rihanna. Lion is one of the most powerful, largest, and strongest animals on earth, and very very dangerous. These powerful predators are largely feared by people, so be as powerful as a lion king and really, I’d take a big smiley face over this lion king tee with bright neon colors and cool art details. This tee is available in black for men and in purple for women.



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