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Camping Gear

For some kids summer is equal with holiday, and what is the most exciting thing about holiday? It’s summer camp! But, unfortunately many people think that summer camp is only for kids. But you know, summer camp is becoming one of those activities that we, as adults, won’t leave it, ever! It’s like part of our childhood, and it feels like as good as our first kiss, right? :)

The great news is, Wall Street Journal says, there are some 800 summer camps for adults, and the number is growing by about 10% a year! Wohoo, it’s gonna be totally fun.

As a Camper, you have to prepare well for your camping gears, don’t be so overthinking, Just grab this Madewell linen tee that dedicated a whole series to this perfect-for-summer fabric, including this laid back style covered in drawings of camping gear. You just got a help from Madewell.



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