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Type 1 : Green Haze Tee

Green Haze Tee

Sometimes you gotta take the good side of Green Haze. FYI, Green Haze and Haze are different thing. Haze is a phenomenon of dry air, smoke, dust, humid air, pollution and others factors of dry material, and it happens commonly in summer. Green Haze, well, it’s a grow plant. It has a complex aroma of wood, incense and very ripe mangoes. For some organization, they recommend this Green Haze purely for medical usage or breeding purposes. Green Haze helps patients relieve migraines, pain, lack of appetite, and insomnia. So use it well, because it may cause some psychedelic experience.

You may also have a little psychedelic experience with this green haze T-shirt from karmaloop. And the good news is you can get 20% off using coupon code: SUPER90SALE!



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