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Monster University

Monster University takes the lead! Yes, The Monster University was the top film of the weekend, with total $82 million income for the opening. It’s the second highest June opening ever for Disney or Pixar and the eighth biggest premiere in Disney history. And I’m one of the audiences who contribute to $82 million income. Because I saw this movie last Saturday, the movie is sooooo entertaining. You have to watch Monster University as soon as possible. I think this Monster University T-shirt is your good outfit for your first-day-as-a-freshman-year-in-Monster-University




  • Nia - 20/07/15 - Reply

    Hello, I’m in charge of designing a t-shirt for Spirit Week for my high school, and for the week our theme is Monsters University. I was going to use this seal with some modifications. I was going to photshop the MU to MC (the initials of my school) and change the 1313 to 2018 (my graduating class) and the change the “MONSTERS” to “SOPHOMONSTERS.”
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this seal online that had the dimensions 2400×3600. I was wonder if you could send me the seal size you used for this t-shirt.

    Thank You. :)

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