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Type 1 : Strange Days in Hawaii

Strange Days in Hawaii

Honestly, I have never been to Hawaii. This is because Indonesia has many beautiful beaches so I choose to spend my summer rolling around Indonesian beaches. But, you got the headline for this post, for you who have never been to Hawaii, Don’t judge by the headline of this post, because I think you might have planned to visit Hawaii in this near future.

According to some sources, Hawaii is the most beautiful tropical place on earth. You can go for snorkeling and say hi to some exotic fish, you can go kayaking, and out to sea watching for dolphins and whales. You can go hiking, surfing, boogie boarding, lounging on the beaches and many other things. Once you visited the state, it was all you talk about for months.

You will never have strange days in Hawaii. Trust me. Until you met an amnesiac girl named Lucy Whitmore who appears in 50 first dates movie. Aloha!



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