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Type 1 : You’re Not My Type

You’re Not My Type

I was thinking what was the polite way to tell someone that they’re not our type? Suddenly this T-shirt showed up. And I think it’s good for another try, yes I said another try, not the first try. Why do I say that? It’s because this T-shirt may contain Sarcastic content to some people, especially for women who have sensitive emotions, it may hurt them. Just because you prefer a certain look doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be attracted to someone who didn’t have that look.So, be wise ladies and gents. Wear this “You’re not my type” T-shirt at your “i-hate-my-second-date-and-i-wanna-go-home-right-now-!!!” or you’ll be the loneliest person on earth because you just ignoring not your type person at the first sight.



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