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Type 1 : Cara’s Last Clean T-shirt

Cara’s Last Clean T-shirt

Cara Delevinge is one of the most popular models of this moment. Whatever she wore, she always stands out. Cara is best known for her thick eye-brow (hence why, she’s unique and one of a kind, because that’s her ticket to runways), she is also have the striking looks, celebrity BFF (with Rita Ora, Rihanna, and Georgia Jagger) and her carefree attitude.

What we love about Cara is she never ever trying to hide her goofy weirdo style. Do you ever find a model who prefer rise her eyebrows, stick her tongue out, pulling silly faces in front of paparazzi, and pose as crazy as she can when she ask to pose rather than the sweet-as-model-look except Cara? No. we can’t. Cara is the winner.

Spotted wearing the Last Clean T-shirt, in which we already gave you the review, Cara looks casual yet fashionable with her model look. If you wanna have the same T-shirt like Cara, you can buy it here. You can also be her BFF.



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