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Type 1 : Daft Punk released “Get Lucky” Condoms

Daft Punk released “Get Lucky” Condoms

What?! Yeap, you read the headline, and it’s pretty clear. I can’t help but to write this post about Daft Punk have released their own brand of “Get Lucky” condoms, that taken from their hits single Get Lucky from their latest album, Random Access Memories. It makes me giggling but I still wondering (or curious?) about their upcoming marketing way to promote their album. Yes, Daft Punk have already created their own line of action figures, and this week they released another merchandise, the “Get Lucky” condoms. What else could be more fun than waiting for the next marketing way to promote Daft Punk album? We’ll see.

Make sure you are 18+ when you are about to buy the “Get Lucky” condom. But you don’t have to wait until you are 18+ to have this Daft Punk tee hey kiddo, with the iconic Daft Punk helmets. You are literally getting lucky. Just simply click here.



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